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EBeauty at Career Day

EBeauty recently had the opportunity to participate in Career Day at Funshine Preschool in Arlington, Virginia. Alex, EBeauty’s Community Director, gave a presentation to about 20 students ages 3-5 about what the organization does for women who get sick and lose their hair. After a few silly anecdotes about their Halloween wigs, the kids got to try on some of our beautiful wigs. They loved seeing all the different kinds of hair represented and learning about what it means to help others in the community. We couldn’t help but snap some pictures of our youngest “wig models” yet!

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7 Reasons to Volunteer with EBeauty

We are so grateful for our EBeauty Community volunteers who spend hours preparing, organizing, and ensuring the safe delivery of our wigs. Our mission would not be possible without them! This is what they have to say about us…

  1. Sharon: “My interest in volunteering with EBeauty came from my experiences in healthcare working with both men and women who had hair loss after chemotherapy. I am touched by many of the notes attached from individuals, friends, family members, and organizations who donate their wigs to help others.”
  2. Tephany: “This has been a great opportunity to learn about the needs of women experiencing cancer treatment.”
  3. Katie: “I volunteer for EBeauty because my family has been touched by cancer several times. It’s fun, easy, and rewarding. My favorite part is getting to try out some of the wigs myself!”
  4. Keegan: “I am inspired by the overwhelming number of wig donations sent to EBeauty from all different kinds of people who want to help a stranger in need. EBeauty simply means: People helping People. I love that EBeauty gives people back their identity!”
  5. Rachael: “I volunteer for EBeauty because I work in the healthcare community and I see how hard it is for women to recover when they don’t have a sense of normalcy. Part of wellness is re-entering your own routine and your own life. Feeling comfortable and self-confident and beautiful in how you look is a large part of that.”
  6. Elizabeth: “It’s such a rewarding experience to know that every minute I spend working for EBeauty will help a woman in need get an invaluable resource that will support her on her journey through a tragic diagnosis. EBeauty provides an important service for women in need and I’m so proud to be able to be a part of it.”
  7. Rachel: “I took a group of my students to volunteer and it  was such as positive experience for them. They were excited to contribute to their community and often ask if we can return. I plan to take students to volunteer for EBeauty every year!”

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EBeauty Perk!

Like a coffee that gives you more than just a morning pick me up? Then you’ll love Grand Havana.

The company is giving back to EBeauty with its Pink Beauty Organic Coffee Bag. For each bag of Pink Beauty Coffee purchased, Grand Havana Coffee will donate $2 of the proceeds to EBeauty.  Our goal is to raise $50,000 for EBeauty through this partnership. This translates into 5,000 wigs distributed through the Wig Exchange Program.

In addition to their immense generosity, Grand Havana makes an AMAZING brew! Inspired by the Cuban culture and the founders’ passion for Cuban espresso, the Miami-based company was founded in 2015. They use a special roasting process that extracts the acidity from the beans to make it a separate aroma and full body flavor resulting in a supremely delicious smooth finish.  

So if you love EBeauty and good coffee… you have two great reasons to try Grand Havana. Visit their website to purchase a Pink Beauty Coffee Bag online and for storefront locations.

We love Grand Havana Coffee’s commitment to giving back and we are so grateful for their generosity towards EBeauty. One cup at a time, they are making a huge difference! We are so proud to be a Grand Havana partner!


EBeauty Makes the Rounds with Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center

Tangela Hillery of Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center with EBeauty Wig Recipients

Since May 2016, EBeauty has partnered with the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center in Miami which serves as a wig collection site and promotes the EBeauty Wig Exchange Program so that we may serve women undergoing treatment there.  Earlier this year, in an effort to spread the love of the EBeauty Wig Exchange Program and expand our reach to all the patients in the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center Satellites, we partnered with the hospital to launch EBeauty Mobile. Through pop up kiosks at various Sylvester Satellite sites, we reach out to patients in need of wigs so they can learn about our program and even select wigs on the spot.  Since launching EBeauty Mobile in March, we have distributed more than 45 wigs!  At each stop, you can feel the excitement in the atmosphere as women experiencing hair loss watch themselves transform thanks to their new wig.   

One husband at the Sylvester Cancer Center-Plantation was brought to tears as he watched his wife try on her new wig. Tearing up, he said, “this is how my wife used to look.” 

The family of another woman with stage-4 breast cancer wrote us this beautiful note after receiving a wig at one of our mobile station sites:

What a wonderful and uplifting experience! Wonderful to see the happiness and transformation of everyone who tried and left with a wig….. I never thought a wig could be so life changing! Thank you for changing our lives today and making it so unexpectedly better and us more beautiful! I didn’t think it was possible!”

Our work in the Sylvester network is a true partnership that would not be possible without the wonderful doctors, nurses, and administrators who help us serve women across the hospital’s satellites.

Sponsor Spotlight: Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center South Florida

Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, part of UHealth – the University of Miami Health System and the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, is among the nation’s leading cancer centers and South Florida’s only Cancer Center of Excellence. With the combined strength of more than 120 cancer researchers and 130 cancer specialists, Sylvester discovers, develops and delivers more targeted therapies, providing the next generation of cancer clinical care – precision cancer medicine – to each patient.



In 2016, EBeauty Community was honored to have Sylvester as our Presenting Sponsor for Yoga in the Park and host of the #LightMiamiPink VIP after party at New World Symphony. Our incredible partnership has continued to grow since the event. EBeauty founder, Carolyn Keller, had the opportunity to attend the Massachusetts General Hospital Workshop on Research Methods in Supportive Oncology alongside Sylvester’s Dr. William F. Pirl, M.D., MPH in Boston. She was also able to represent EBeauty at the Seventh Annual Perfect Pink Party and VIP Reception hosted by Nancy Brinker, founder of Susan G. Komen. Thank you to Sylvester for this amazing partnership and continued support of the EBeauty mission.



Building on the momentum of the past year, in 2017 we will continue to expand the Wig Exchange Program as well as our schedule of community building events.

The Wig Exchange Program will provide 2500 wigs for Look Good Feel Better Wig Demonstration Project Workshops nationally while also increasing outreach at the community level to raise our program’s visibility. We anticipate distributing approximately 6,000 wigs in 2017.  Our partners at the Eivind and Hans Salon in Washington will be busy refurbishing donated wigs to meet this demand!


2016’s shipment of 2500 wigs packed up and ready to be sent off to Look Good Feel Better’s facility to be used for Demonstration Kits.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October will again be filled with EBeauty events and celebrations.  Based on the wonderful success of the inaugural SUPERFIERCE event in DC, we look forward to continuing our partnership with the generous SUPERFIERCE artists. The organization will be hosting multiple events in 2017, including DC and Miami, with dates and locations to be announced; all benefitting EBeauty Community!  We also look forward to our third annual Yoga in the Park event which promises to be another fabulous celebration of our community. Keep an eye out for other EBeauty awareness and outreach events in your community as the year unfolds!

2016 Year in Review

What a Year for EBeauty!

Thank you to all of our partners, supporters and friends in the EBeauty Community for making 2016 our best yet! This year marked the 6th anniversary of EBeauty’s founding and we were thrilled to see how far we have come in the last decade! Through partnerships on the local and national levels along with individuals who have given generously of their time, money, and wigs, we have been able to bring our core Wig Exchange Program to scale while building our coalition of #WomenHelpingWomen. Highlights of our 2016 accomplishments include the following:

  • EBeauty’s Wig Exchange Program distributed 6,000 wigs, free of charge, to women undergoing chemotherapy. This is more than double the number of wigs we distributed in the five years prior! The program’s tremendous growth is a result of EBeauty’s partnership with The Look Good Feel Better Program, a project of the American Cancer Society, the Personal Care Products Council and the Professional Beauty Association. LGFB incorporated EBeauty’s Wig Exchange Program into their Wig Demonstration Kit workshops which operate nationally. Meanwhile, new and continuing community partnerships with hospitals and healthcare providers contributed to expanded reach at the community level. Along with increasing demand for wigs, these collaborations have raised our visibility resulting in growing wig donations.

    Volunteers, Katie and Keegan, sort through wigs in the EBeauty offices.

  • The 2nd Annual Yoga in the Park took place in Miami on October 1. This incredible community building event featured an awe-inspiring large group outdoor yoga class and spectacular light show to #LightMiamiPink and kick off National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The event was held at the world famous New World Symphony at Soundscape Park and featured incredible visuals and amazing music from the New World Symphony Fellows. Over 250 individuals came together for a revitalizing day of yoga to honor all family members whose lives have been touched by cancer.  Following the inspiring day of yoga, the celebration continued at the VIP Reception with Presenting Sponsor Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center on the rooftop of the New World Symphony. This event included a incredible collection of theatrical performances and powerful speeches by the Chairmen of New World Symphony and Sylvester Cancer Center that reinforced the importance of this EBeauty’s mission.

    Yoga participants stretching before the event.

  • EBeauty was SUPERFIERCE in DC.  EBeauty was proud and grateful to be named a beneficiary and partner of SUPERFIERCE, a coalition offearless female creatives coming together to pay it forward by giving back to artists through a developing mentorship program and supporting our communities through charitable partnerships.”  SUPERFIERCE, founded by DC-based artist Maggie O’Neill, held its inaugural event October 19 at the National Museum of Women in the Arts where female artists from across the country showcased and auctioned over 40 art pieces with proceeds benefitting EBeauty Community. More than 400 guests and collectors enjoyed food and cocktails while viewing extraordinary artwork, a live Artist Panel, and bidding on exclusive auction items and experiences. Breast cancer survivor Michelle Schoenfeld and former Redskin Chris Cooley emceed. The evening attracted some of the most influential women in Washington and raised over $60,000 for EBeauty.
  • Breast Cancer survivor and SUPERFIERCE Emcee Michelle Schoenfeld, posing in front of artist, Sara Ashley Longshore’s Audrey Hepburn inspired painting.

Light Miami Pink: Yoga in the Park

On October 1st 2016, EBeauty Community hosted its 2nd annual “Yoga in the Park”. This year EBeauty in collaboration with the New World Symphony, lit Miami pink in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness month.



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