Wig Exchange Program

EBeauty Community Inc. is proud to offer a national wig exchange program through which women can donate wigs they no longer need to others who are undergoing Chemotherapy treatments.

Chemo is a necessary evil. The loss of your hair is a sign it is working and we believe that this is a “Beautiful Thing.”

“We are Beauty without Boundaries”

Hair is an integral part of a woman’s life and for women undergoing chemotherapy, the loss of their hair can add another layer of emotional strain and impact self-image during an already traumatic time. Wigs are expensive (generally costing from $700-$5,000) and many women, especially those struggling to cover health care bills, cannot afford the cost of a quality wig.

At EBeuaty, we believe every woman experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy should have access to a wig in which she can feel beautiful throughout the recovery process.  We also believe there is power in paying forward the gift of a wig once treatment is complete, health recovered and hair restored. Our wig exchange model is rooted in these ideals. We aim to meet immediate needs while fostering a cycle of giving, receiving, hope and healing.

EBeauty partners with hospitals and other community based organizations that outreach to cancer patients and serve as drop-off locations for women who no longer need a wig and wish to donate. We also accept donations via mail.

Wigs are refurbished and sent, free of charge, to women in need. Those seeking wigs can select style, color and other options via our interactive online platform.

Between 2011 and 2015, EBeauty received over 10,000 wigs and cleaned, refurbished and provided over 6,000 wigs to women who are financially disadvantaged or live in remote locations. In 2015, EBeauty developed a partnership with Look Good Feel Better, a project of the American Cancer Society, Personal Care Products Council and Professional Beauty Association. In the first six months of the partnership, wig distribution increased by 70% and annual wig distribution has increased to 5,000.

If you have completed Chemotherapy and have a wig to donate or are about to start treatment and are in need of a wig, please consider joining our Wig Exchange community. We also welcome new organizational allies interested in becoming a Wig Exchange drop off location or outreach partner.

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