Meet our Volunteers

We are so grateful for our EBeauty Community volunteers who spend hours preparing, organizing, and ensuring the safe delivery of our wigs. Our mission would not be possible without them! This is what they have to say about us…

  1. Sharon: “My interest in volunteering with EBeauty came from my experiences in healthcare working with both men and women who had hair loss after chemotherapy. I am touched by many of the notes attached from individuals, friends, family members, and organizations who donate their wigs to help others.”
  2. Tephany: “This has been a great opportunity to learn about the needs of women experiencing cancer treatment.”
  3. Katie: “I volunteer for EBeauty because my family has been touched by cancer several times. It’s fun, easy, and rewarding. My favorite part is getting to try out some of the wigs myself!”
  4. Keegan: “I am inspired by the overwhelming number of wig donations sent to EBeauty from all different kinds of people who want to help a stranger in need. EBeauty simply means: People helping People. I love that EBeauty gives people back their identity!”
  5. Rachael: “I volunteer for EBeauty because I work in the healthcare community and I see how hard it is for women to recover when they don’t have a sense of normalcy. Part of wellness is re-entering your own routine and your own life. Feeling comfortable and self-confident and beautiful in how you look is a large part of that.”
  6. Elizabeth: “It’s such a rewarding experience to know that every minute I spend working for EBeauty will help a woman in need get an invaluable resource that will support her on her journey through a tragic diagnosis. EBeauty provides an important service for women in need and I’m so proud to be able to be a part of it.”
  7. Rachel: “I took a group of my students to volunteer and it  was such as positive experience for them. They were excited to contribute to their community and often ask if we can return. I plan to take students to volunteer for EBeauty every year!”