Honor Roll

I received my wig today. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I love the style and this is one less burden off my mind.

~ Tai


I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer is September of 1997. After surgery, I received 18 chemo treatments. I lost all of my hair after the first treatment. That’s me on the right in the photo. I was married in January of 1998…. love is blind! I am wearing one of the wigs I have sent you. I felt beautiful. Every woman should feel that way on her wedding day. Good to be able to say “I am a cancer survivor!”… I am happy to be able to make any woman feel better about her appearance as she fights the fight.
Sincerely, Susan

To whom it may concern :

I received a beautiful wig from your organization a few days ago, and I wanted to say thank you much for your patience and generosity.
I look forward to getting a lot of use from the wig. EBeauty is truly a godsend.

Thank you and God bless you all,

Gwen Collins-Stokes

THANK YOU!!!!!! 🙂 FROM THE BOTTOM TO THE TOP OF MY HEART & OVERFLOWING!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! I received my BEAUTIFUL long black wig yesterday & it is PERFECT! It fits so well, is so light weight & comfortable & so easy to style. It even makes the swelling in my face look minimal! It also came at the perfect time because the benefit my daughter & friends are having for me is next week. I’m so excited about the event now because I’ll be able to look good like a “real girl” ! 🙂 Thank you so much!

-Juanita Tucker

Dear EBeauty,
I just wanted to say Thank You so much for sending me a wig. I have highly recommended you to others who are going through chemo. To know someone cares and helps when you go through this is heartwarming. I have passed all my scarves and hats along to other cancer patients. Play it forward as they say.
Thank you again.
Kathy Dean

October 1, 2015

I am donating my mother’s wig to your organization to be given to someone who can use it and gain strength from it. My mother, Janis Drake, lost her 3 year battle with breast cancer on July 9, 2015. She was incredibly brave and no matter how sick and weak she became she never surrendered her strength and will to fight. I hope this donation helps someone in need and will give some level of hope to the person who receives it. Thank you for accepting this wig. Your organization is truly wonderful.

Sincerely, Bari Drake

Hello Carolyn,

I just wanted to thank you again for everything you are doing for the Society. You are truly heaven sent. I have had the pleasure of working with many Sponsors in the past, but none quite like you. Your passion to help others is not only seen but also contagious. You have helped me to Kick-off a fabulous Making Strides season. I cannot think you enough for all that you do. If there is anything you need of me please do not hesitate to contact me, day or night. J

Because of YOU, lives are truly changed, and lives are saved!

Together we are making a difference,


Tami Brown | Community Manager, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer
South Atlantic Division | American Cancer Society, Inc.

I would like to donate this wig to EBeauty on behalf of my mother who is recently deceased and my sister who is a breast cancer survivor. Thank you for the work you do to help women who are fighting cancer and can’t afford the cost of a wig. Your program helps give women self confidence and dignity during a most difficult time in their lives. May this program continue to thrive.

Be Well and Blessings,

Bonnie Hart

Dear EBeauty,

Enclosed you will find two blonde wigs. Cancer and chemo robbed my mother of her looks many months before it took her life. Having these wigs gave her a sense of dignity and normalcy. They enabled her to go out in public and enjoy precious moments with her grandchildren (only 2 and 5 at the time). The last few dinners out, a carriage ride on Christmas Eve, her last trip to an art museum. Memories I will cherish forever. Without these wigs, she would not have had the self-confidence to leave the house. She passed away in March of 2012, a mere 10 months after her diagnosis. I had held onto them as long as my heart needed. I am mailing these a few days before Mother’s Day as my gift to her memory. My mother had the means to afford these wigs. I hope you are able to give them to someone who does not.

With love,

Jessica Lacey Brown (Forever Judith’s daughter)

I hope this wig will give confidence to someone as it did for me. The moment I put it on I felt like myself again and that helped me so much! I found it funny that so many people complimented me on my new hairdo- they didn’t realize it was a wig or that I was so sick!

I am happy to donate this and hope it gives happiness and some security to a new person during a very trying time. I have been cancer-free for over 5 years now and I believe it is time to make the donation!

I am donating these wigs in memory of my mom, Kaye Zipilli. She passed away after a 4 year battle with cancer. Thank you for creating this organization. I did not just want to throw them away. I am glad someone will get good use out of the wigs.
God Bless,
Cyndi Zipilli

Thank you for accepting this donation of wigs on behalf of my beloved daughter, Angel Williams who lost her battle with breast cancer on July 12, 2014 at the young age of 42 years old. Angel would be delighted to know that someone else could benefit from her wigs. She was a very caring and loving young lady who enjoyed traveling, cooking, and spending time with her family and friends. She always believed that looking good made her feel better. She was a brave trooper who faced cancer with all her might. I, Janie Ahmed, her mother saw her beauty everyday with and without her hair loss due to chemotherapy. I hope these wigs will make others feel as beautiful as Angel felt when she wore them. Thanks again for your work in helping others face the challenges of fighting cancer.

Dear EBeauty,
I bought this beautiful hand made wig after a boozy lunch! I’ve never worn it! This last week, I came across your organization while watching TV and I thought this was my perfect opportunity to donate! I’ve also sent you the wash and and conditioner, which the sales lady assured me was worth it! I know you’ll find the perfect home for my wig.

Sent with love,
Jill Young

As of right now I am a 2 year survivor of breast cancer. I couldn’t donate my wig last year, I just wasn’t ready. It is kind of like, you sell the baby crib and you get pregnant. I was worried, if I got rid of the wig I would get cancer again.

Anyways, I am ready now to donate my wig to someone who does not have insurance or the money to buy a wig. All cancer patients deserve to look and feel as “normal” as we can. I hope you will be able to give my wig to someone who needs it and I hope it makes them feel better.

I pray every day for a cure for cancer.

Thanks for all you do to help people.

Pam Osborn

I am donating the enclosed two wigs to your wig exchange program for women undergoing cancer treatment. The wigs belonged to my best friend Phyllis Henry. She battled stage four ovarian cancer for a year and a half. She lost her fight in November of 2013. She hated losing her hair but these wigs made her feel better about the process. My hope is that these wigs give another woman hope, strength, and a little bit of beauty during her battle. Phyllis would like that. Carry on your good work. May God continue to bless you as you reach out to serve others.


Meg Sears

August 1, 2014

Dear EBeauty,
My Mother battled cancer off and on for 7 years. She passed away in May and is now in a better place. I really wanted to donate her wigs so someone else could use them. I was so thrilled when I found your organization. What you do is wonderful! I do hope you can use these wigs. My dad passed away in May also. What a blessing that they did not have to be apart for long! He had skin cancer on the top of his head and wore a toupee to cover the scars. I am sending his old toupees also. I didn’t know if you could use them.

Thank you for all that you do.


Julie Berry

Mark and Carolyn,

Sheryl just started her chemo two weeks ago for breast cancer. It has also spread into her lymph nodes. The tumor has begin to shrink, so that is good. Just wanted you guys to see her in the EBeauty wig! Great Work! See you on the 30th at 1625 I st! Love and Kisses. Geoff

EB wig

Thank you for creating ebeauty! I’m always passing the word along and my friend Julie knows a woman who is stage 4 lung cancer and struggling financially as well as physically. I told her to reach out to Ebeauty and taa-daa her friend Mary will soon be receiving a wig. It’s such a great thing to be able to help someone in such a difficult time.

With special thanks and much appreciation! Thank you for the wig. It will be very well used since I have lost most of my hair! LOL – With loving thoughts, Norma Adkins

Just thought I’d drop a note. Dealing with my fourth dance with cancer, for a total of 7 soon to be 8 Retroperitoneal Sarcomas removed from various parts of the body. But no Breast Cancer.

I have a towel from your site, was given to me at a Rally for the Cure. I passed the information onto my sister, who passed it to a friend, who passed it to her mother, who received a wig.

Me, I do the bald thing. People stare and ask questions, and I think one good way to help educate people about cancer, is to put it out there and let them ask all the questions they want, even the ones most people find embarrassing. (A couple asked me if it was just the hair on my hear that I lost – I had perfect eye brows and long eye lashes that go round) I laughed and said, everywhere, and I do mean EVERYWHERE. To which the young man turned beat red.

Anyway, long story short, I thought I’d let you know that people keep passing the word of your group quietly, and in my case it went from Va, to Ohio, to California, to Arizona to Hawaii.

Thank you so much for doing what you do for those of us who are suffering from hair loss due to chemotherapy and other kinds of cancer treatments. I didn’t think it would bother me as much as it does but, I will do whatever I have to do to beat this and get better!

Dear Ms. Keller (Carolyn),

Thank you so much for your e-mail. You don’t know how much it means to

I’ve hear many expression of condolence over that last year and I know
that folks are trying to be kind. But unless you go through it, you
can’t imagine how rough the last four years have been, for me for my two
daughters and, of course for Kathleen. I can only say it was like a
horrible bad dream, except it wasn’t a dream.

Thank you for letting me do this. For some reason, my wife has been on
my mind lately and I know she has had a hand in this wig donation. In a
way, this is helping me to closure. God bless you for the work you do.

John O’Brien

Thank you so much. I am happy the wig is available and I really appreciate the service you are providing. Laura Jirsa suggested I contact you for a wig. She has been such a great support to me as I continue on my path.
Thank you so much! I found you on lifewithcancer.org. I was there to sign up for a class and saw a notice about your organization. I lost my hair with chemo (breast cancer), and it’s starting to come back but it’s way too short not to cover and it’s coming in salt and pepper colored. A wig will help me resume business activities with confidence!

Good Morning Alexandra!

Thank you for YOUR quick reply and for such a wonderful program that allows for no cost wigs for those of us cash strapped! I found you while surfing the Inova Hospital Cancer site that took me to the Life with Cancer site. I was diagnosed in January with stage 4+ non Hodgkin lymphoma after emergency gall bladder removal. After days of being unable to eat after surgery; my friends took me back to the emergency room after my surgeon kept telling me the nausea would pass. I was given a CT scan and told it was “normal” and sent home. I was also (accidentally) given a copy of the CT report that showed Multiple tumors suggestive of metastatic or suggestive of lymphoma. I was sooooo upset with the care (or lack of) that my friend took me to Georgetown Hospital which immediately admitted me and started treatment. An infection internally at the gall bladder site kept me hospitalized for over a month and the intensity of my chemo treatments have left me hospitalized for about 1 week about day 3 after each chemo treatment (i am only on treatment #3 of 8, which is why I am so late in looking for a wig. Georgetown does not have this program. I am utilizing some of the programs through the Life with Cancer program locally since Georgetown is a bit of a hike.

I hope the wig fits my big head! lol. Thank you again for being able to participate in such a wonderful program. As I begin to feel better (I HOPE Soon!!) I would be happy and honored to help or volunteer at any event or activity you have or in any capacity you need assistance (when able). I am not in any financial position to donate money obviously; but time is priceless and I am so honored to receive this wig that I would be delighted to give whatever time I may have that you may need!!

Thank you again!!

Thank you for your help and support and when I get my hair back I will Send and and all head coverings or wigs I have to help thoes who fight behind me. I do appreacate your help and your service. God bless you

Thank you so much for you quick response. It is people like you that help us get through this difficult time. Bless you all.Sheryl Horner

Carolyn,Thank you so much for your very quick response. I will let Janet know that the receipt will arrive soon.

Also, thank you for all the amazing work you do and for helping those who are suffering feel beautiful again.

Take care,

Lynne Mishele

Hello Friends,I would like to donate my wig! What an awesome idea!! I have used it only once, but it’s been in a box for two years now, so it will need some washing, but I don’t know how (they explained me when I bought it but I never used it).
Thank you for your support to all the women in need!!
Much love,
Dear Carolyn,
I received the second wig this morning and am extremely pleased. My husband is taking the other wig to the Post Office right now. This is a wonderful service you are providing. I can not thank you enough.
Maria McKitterick

Good Evening Alex,My aunt got the wig a few days ago. It was perfect! she loved it very much. She said that she will take good care of it and once she no longer needs the wig she would like to return it to you, and like that you guys can make someone else happy!.Thank you!Ps. She’s also writing a letter that once I translate I will scan and send it to you.

Good Evening,I would like to let you know that a Box of Wigs is heading (delivery date of Thursday) to you as a donation. I wanted to place an inspiration message in the box, however, I did not. Please pass these wigs on to those in who needs them. May God bless them to be on the path of healing and may he bless you for all that you do for those in need.Best Wishes,Evelyn Cross
Hi Alexandra,This is wonderful. I actually work with Diane Robertson at Ridgewells Catering and she is the one who told me to check out your website. I was diagnosed last month with Hodgkins Lymphoma and saw Diane yesterday. She had told the office about EBeauty a while ago when you were having a bra contest (I think that’s what it was), and reminded me to check it out. With all the bills coming my way and not being able to work full time, this really is a wonderful thing you all are doing (I had no idea how expensive wigs can be!).
Thank you very much,
Cheryl Hudson
I had a lump removed from my right breast when I was 26. I had another cancer scare later. I ended up not needing my wigs. I saw a representative from EBeauty at a Shecky’s event at DAR last year. I was impressed with the work and wanted a win-win situation: getting things out of my house and finding a great home. I love doing for others. Giving ends up just as rewarding as receiving something.I thought I’d touch base to see the logistics of what I need to do.Thanks,
Thanks To The Whole Callahan Family For The Amazing Brunch After The Breast Cancer Walk. Today Was Such A Special Day And We Were So Happy To Share It With You. Love, All Of Dj’s Friends!
Thanks so much for the words of encouragement! Always feels so good. I am looking for ward to try the wig & hope it works for me. Financially it is such a crazy journey & it is so nice to know you all offer this service! AMAZING!
Thanks again,
Thank you so much for my wig. It fits just right. your thoughtfulness made
such a difference in my day. I will be sure to pass your site on to the
other patients at the cancer center ,also thank you for the hat I love the
color God bless you and your work,
Linda Cooper
hi carolyn i am sorry i didnot get back to you to say thank you about the wig . i was hit hard by a chemo. it was hard. any way i am very greetfull to have the wig. Tadesse.
I am a makeup artist in the DC/MD/VA area and I have always been interested working with a non-profit providing my makeup services. I met a woman a few years ago who went through chemo and she wanted help with her makeup since she longer had eyebrows and lashes. After providing a look for her and teaching her how to fill in her brows naturally and applying false lashes, she was amazed. I actually became emotional from her gratitude and how much of an impact I made. She was already a beautiful woman, but I was honored that I made her feel even 10 times better. I was moved by her and would love to work with other woman and boosting their outer self being. I am also interested in any volunteer opportunities available with your organization. Please feel free to reach out to me at your earliest convenience.
That is some inspirational stuff. Never knew that opinions could be this varied. Very creative, one of the nicer sites I have seen today. Keep up the great work.-Konika
Alex,I received the wig yesterday and want to thank you so much! I didn’t expect to get a foam head and the t-shirt and hat…what a bonus! This is a wonderful program and I will definitely spread the word and donate my wigs when I am done with treatment. You are providing a service that is so valuable for women going through treatment. The loss of my hair has been the most emotional hurdle to get over. You helped and I thank you!Kelly Crawford
I think your wig exchange program is wonderful! I am currently undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer and I have to say that losing my hair has been the most emotional part.

Suburban Letter

Suburban KTTC

The EBeauty Community offers a huge thanks to Dianne Wicklein who made a very generous donation to EBeauty in honor of our founder, Carolyn Keller, a two time Breast Cancer survivor. If it were not for people like Dianne, we would not be able to do the work we strive so hard to accomplish.
Dear Carolyn,Thank you, once again, for EBeauty’s generous donation of $10,000 to the Audi Best Buddies Challenge: Washington, DC.We were delighted that you were able join us for the walk and I loved the yellow baseball caps you donated to the VIP gift bags, the shirts you designed and donated to “Team Eunice” and the water bottles you created for our participants.
We had incredible success in our second year of the Audi Best Buddies Challenge. We grew from 720 participants in year one to almost 1,400 in year two – and rider revenue increased by 70% , which means that individuals with intellectual disabilities will have more opportunities to make friends, find fulfilling employment, and train to become the leaders of tomorrow.
One of my favorite parts of this weekend’s festivities was Buddy Ambassador Charles Calhoun’s speech at our lunch. He said, “It’s time for a change, and we need it now! Let’s teach our communities that even if you are not using the R-word to purposely to hurt someone, you ARE! People with intellectual disabilities are not stupid, useless, worthless or any other bad word. Do I seem worthless to you?” Charles’ words serve as a poignant reminder of why Best Buddies is here.
The support of companies like EBeauty translated into $1.7 million in total donations for Best Buddies programs last weekend. This represents huge growth since last year’s event and offers a lot of hope for us moving forward. Thank you for standing by our side and for honoring my mother by supporting and walking with Team Eunice.My best to Mark,Anthony
Dear Alexandra,
This was the best news to me to hear about your organization, and I will be delighted to bring in my old wig, probably early next week if my mom can help me find it. This is a long haired brown wig made in 1982 by Edith Imre in New York from Italian hair (so they told us), sized for a 9 year old. It does not have bangs. Could you also use the wig stand? I am so happy to learn about EBeauty and what you’re doing! I would love to know how you repurpose wigs, since I was always told I should throw mine in the garbage. It is incredibly important for some people to have wigs. I remember an old farmer walking up to me and saying, ‘good morning son.’ I also clearly remember how sad I was feeling the plasticky texture and green-brown color of artificial hair wigs at Edith Imre’s and was so excited she got me a human hair wig though we were too naive to style the wig’s hair at all. As a disclaimer, I had a school gym teacher calling me out on my wig on Halloween. “Nice wig” or something. So I will try to bring it to Georgetown soon. What can we do to bring this to WHC? We do see majority African-American women but it’s not rare for healthy African-American women to wear wigs due to brittle hair anyway.Best wishes and thanks for the reminder,
Hi Alex,
Thank you for offering to arrange for pick up. That would be nice. Otherwise, I will try to drop them off this weekend at Amy of Denmark’s. Amy of Denmark’s is actually where I purchased my wigs. I have 2 natural hair and 2 synthetic wigs.
I found out about your program at the Yoga on the Steps event in October benefiting Living Beyond Breast Cancer this past October. I received a flyer about your organization. I’m grateful to finally be able to donate these.
Thank you again,

I am writing this note of thanks to EBeauty for the beautiful long dark wig sent to a young Cantonese woman who recently lost her hair from chemotherapy for breast cancer. She is so grateful, but also very shy, private, and only speaks/writes Cantonese.Breast cancer in Chinese women is particularly difficult because of the added cultural burden. Chinese are private people, who prefer to deal with issues in silence. “Save face” is often a term heard in this culture. Admitting to your weakness, be it disease or otherwise, often is a sign of tragic luck, disrespect, and evilness. This young woman has only told her husband about her cancer. She wants to keep it a secret from her 2 children, ages 3 and 9, and her parents. For her, having a wig to wear that looks very much like her original hair, helps her honor her cultural values.With sincere gratitude,

Nancy Johnson

Support Services Director

Cancer Resource Center of Mendocino County

first of all, your ebeauty is a perfect mirror image of your heart/soul. I absolutely love your vision, your drive to make a POINT ON POINT for this great NEED. Lets meet soon to discuss avenues for how I can begin grooming the trail and meshing REStrategist into my branding to reach your goals. Love Love Love the EBeauty…thank you for the night, cupsfullofhope…your team…your family and your heart…we need to meet, just you, me and yvonne… – Karon Ricker