Become a Hospital Partner

“Here is our 20 year old patient, Isabel. She had the greatest time today trying on wigs with her mom and dad. They were blown away by the generosity of the Ebeauty organization.”- Nurse at The Lennar Foundation Medical Center, part of the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center Network. 

Help us spread the love of EBeauty by joining the network of hospitals that connect us with wig donors and women in need of wigs. Our partners share information and help facilitate our Wig Exchange Program through “EBeauty Mobile” events and in-hospital pop-up kiosks. Women who are undergoing cancer treatment are able to learn more about our mission and even select wigs to take home on the spot. At each site, you can feel the excitement in the atmosphere as women experiencing hair loss watch themselves transform thanks to their new wig.

What to Expect as a Partner:

  • EBeauty hospital partners receive a full stock of pre-cleaned and refurbished wigs along with an
    organizational setup, wig display materials, and instructions on how to organize, track, and
    distribute the wigs
  • We provide six colors of wigs (black, brunette, ash blonde, blonde, ginger, and gray), three styles (straight, wavy, and curly), and three lengths (short, medium, and long)
  • Each month our partners send us a breakdown of which wigs were distributed as well as an order
    request to refill their stock.

Hospitals and Health Centers currently in our network:

For any questions about the program at Sylvester contact:

Tangela Hillery
Office: (305) 243-5966

For any questions about the program at Baptist contact:

Alyssia A Crews, MBA
Office 786 527 8326

For any questions about the program at Georgetown contact:

Joanne Assarsson, LICSW OSW-C
202-444-3755 (office )

For any questions about the program at Sibley contact:

Jennie Tarica M.S.N., RN
202-370-6545 (Telephone)

For any questions about the program at the Smith Center contact:

Simon Ebelhar
202-483-8600 (Telephone)

For any questions about the program at Inova contact:

Mayra Zepeda
Office: 703.698.2526 


To learn more about becoming a hospital partner, please contact us:

Carolyn Keller at or Alex Brown at