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Three Breast Cancer Survivors Make Fitness a Top Priority

There’s no guaranteed way to prevent breast cancer, but exercising and staying lean and avoiding obesity and weight gain are some of the best strategies for reducing the risk. Lu-Ann Doria works with her trainer Laura Tiedge (Certified Livestrong Trainer) at a YMCA in Rye, N.Y.

Doria began working out for the first time three years ago, after recovering from breast cancer therapy. At first, she was so fatigued she had to nap before dance class. Now, she is exercising five days a week.“I feel like I can do things; before, I was talking myself out of things,” says Doria, who works with Tiedge at the YMCA through a joint program with Livestrong for cancer survivors.Researchers have known for years that people who are active and trim are less likely to develop cancer. And survivors like Lu-Ann Doria, who exercise and keep a healthy weight, are less likely to relapse.

Breast cancer survivor Laurens Flanagan, 36, of Greenville, S.C., has made a number of lifestyle changes since having a mastectomy at age 29. One way she stays fit is by cycling long distances. She is shown here cycling along the Jackrabbit Trail near Linky Stone Park in Greenville.“If I can eat better and exercise and keep my weight down, I feel better,” Flanagan says. “I’ve spent a lot of time thinking, ‘What if my cancer comes back?’ Now, I think, ‘If my cancer comes back, I’ll just beat it again.’”Flanagan cycles frequently to stay active and healthy, and also helps organize the Lance Armstrong Foundation team in Greenville to raise money for cancer research.

Read More at USA TODAY.

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